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First off, these guys are gutless people and will take advantage at whatever chance they get. They try to price haggle you right off the bat by introducing some new fees that were never disclosed on their ads.

Then they lie to you regarding their warranty coverage, saying it goes to an actual car dealers shop when really it just goes to some old mechanic shop down the road who just wax everything inside and don't actually check for safety (they said that only the "expensive" cars go to the dealers shop). When I learned about this when picking up the car, they literally yelled and insulted me saying that I don't know what I'm talking about, and that I have no integrity making up things like this to get a better deal after the fact. I brought my friend to pick-up the car with me, and the dealer even said 'At least I have enough pride not to bring my friends to fight my battles for me'.

I swear it was something out of a movie, this was some 40 year old salesman speaking like this to a client...these guys give car salesmen a bad reputation. Moral of the story, run away and delete their ad off your watchlist, not worth the savings (cause there won't be any after all their nonsense).

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I agree with this comment , they are dishonest and they take advantage of you , don't buy a car from them

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